Fantasy Racing Games

Play fantasy sports. Win Prizes. That's the theme of our games here at CDM Sports. Offering multiple entry options with a wide range of prizes!

Fantasy Racing Games in Progress or Concluded

Win $5,000.00!

The second circuit racing game starts on July 17th!

Enter for $34.95

Win $2,000!

Compete for 10 Weeks of racing FUN!
Contest begins September 18th.

Enter for only $14.95

Win Up To $1,000!

A survivor Racing Contest! Pick 3 Drivers each week.

   Enter for only $9.95
   Buy 3 for $25 and Get 1 FREE!

Win $1,000.00!

A survivor Racing Contest! Pick One Driver Each Week for 18 Weeks!

Enter for only $9.95
   Buy 3 teams for $25