The Joseph Gibson Story
2014 Hockey Challenge - Grand Prize Winner!
Joseph Gibson's NanuNanu fantasy hockey team was down 100 points when he and his partner Mike McManus decided how they would use their last new player transaction. They decided to go with Ottawa Goalie Andre Hammond.

It turned out to be one of the reasons they won the overall championship in the Hockey Challenge and $8,350.00. Hammond provided 10 wins and 94.6 points. Their margin of victory was 52 points.

The buy of Hammond also fit into their Studs and Duds team strategy. Because Hammond had a relatively low salary ($1,500,000) they were able to play more of their higher priced players; Sidney Crosby, Tyler Seguin, John Tavares, Steve Stamkos and Ryan Getzlaf, all of which produced very well down the stretch.

Other players that Gibson felt were key to their victory were Filip Forsberg and Niki Kucherov, because they produced, and their low salaries allowed him to play his "Studs". He also felt Rick Nash was one of their more important players and key to their victory.

The 39 year old Gibson is a security worker at a nuclear power plant near Lake Ontario in upstate New York. He had finished in the top 100 overall the last 3 years, and is happy he was able to win the whole thing this year. "It was really exciting all the way till the end," he exclaimed.
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