The Tony Dolgoff Story
2015 Diamond Challenge-Points Winner
Tony Dolgoff wins the 2015 DC Points Championship

As the 2015 baseball regular season was winding down, Tony had a lot to be excited for the last two days. "I think the Cory Kluber win on Saturday kind of wrapped things up for me" Dolgoff surmised, "but it was exciting all the way to the last out!" Dolgoff and his Tiktaalik team managed a 78 point win over his nearest competitor to become the 2015 Diamond Challenge Points Overall Champion.

The 33 year old who works for the FDIC in Washington DC, still remembers the day his father let him enter the Baltimore Sun Fantasy Baseball Challenge. "I became hooked on your season long games then" he remembered, "and I still love that I can take any player I want. My father wouldn't let me make changes to that first team, so it didn't do very well, but I still enjoyed it."

Success came in 2003 when he won the Internet Challenge, and perhaps some of his experiences over the years helped him win this year. "My strategy started with Buster Posey, who stays in the line-up more than most catchers. My other catcher, Russell Martin did fairly well also, and he was not on many teams" Tony recalled. "Another move that really helped secure things was using Stephen Strasburg down the stretch, and I bought him the week he had the Marlins and Phillies."

Other key players were Jake Arrieta, Gerrit Cole, Jacob DeGrom and Matt Harvey. "My use of the Met pitchers at the right times and how they fit in my line-up was another key to the victory", Tony analyzed. He actually had dropped and bought Matt Harvey two times! Another key was his bullpen. "I bought Jeurys Familia before most others, and I held onto Mark Melancon when most teams were dropping him. Sometimes the moves you don't make turn out to be your best ones."

But not all his moves turned out to be good ones. "I bit the bullet and bought Stephen Vogt and Joc Pederson" he recalled, "and neither of them produced much after I bought them. And I should have bought Jose Linder instead of Brandon Crawford."

It the end, it all turned out good. Tony is contemplating using some of his winning for a down payment on a house.
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