The Walter Priven's Story
2015 Football Challenge - Roto Grand Prize Winner!
2015 Roto Football Title Goes To Wally Priven.

Sometimes it's a little motivation to beat your friends that helps you take the Overall title. That is the case of Walter Priven and his Thunderbears, who credits 3 teams, Iron City, Brooklyn in Da House, and Jersey in Da House (and their owners TJ, William, and Jack) for being big motivating factors. "We compete against each other, and I always compete against them in CDM. They have motivated me to do better each year, Wally exclaimed.

The 40 year tax accountant has been playing fantasy since 2003 and been with CDM football since 2009. He finished in the top 10 Overall one year in Diamond Challenge baseball and says "It's not easy to win it all!"

When asked what some of the keys to his team were, Wally said picking up David Johnson and Big Ben late in the year definitely helped. "I spent one of my last moves on Martavis Bryant which almost cost me big time as I was regretting not picking up DeAngelo Williams, RB from Pittsburgh. I think 88 in top 100 teams in the final week had D Will. He had a cake match up in week 17 so I was really hoping he would do bad. When he got injured very early in the game, I realized I had a chance to win it all. David Johnson and Big Ben were huge for me.

Other top players were QB Tom Brady, RB's Chris Ivory and Devonta Freeman, the big 3 WR's; Brown, Jones and Beckham along with Allen Robinson, TE Greg Olsen and K Chandler Catanzaro.

Wally also credits, Dr Roto, Mark Bloom, the host of a fantasy radio show, as a huge help. "Listening to his show late at night was a huge help. "His player analysis is awesome," He exclaimed.

Wally added, "This is probably my biggest accomplishment in fantasy as there are so many great players on the site. We are all huge sports fans, and enjoy competing against each other."

Wally also wants to give a special thanks to his wife for putting up with his obsession for sports and fantasy sports. The $23,100 check definitely helped and is being spent on renovation on the house as he promised her!

Wally would prefer not to disclose his strategy as he would like to repeat again this year. He will be back to defend his title!
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